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What services fo we offer?

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw


There are many different types of trees and many different pruning methods. Not only the tree determines the method, but also the location. We are specialised in pruning trees in awkward places, such as close to façades or leaning over a house.


There are different ways to cut down a tree. If there is enough space, the tree can be felled. If space is limited, the branches and trunks are felled using a line.

Tree consulting and research

Are you worried about the condition of your tree? Or do you want to know more about improving the growing conditions? We offer, among other things, tree safety checks and growth site improvements.

Zwarte aarde
wild Flowers

Garden design

A garden is to use, to live in and to enjoy. You can only achieve this by getting to know the client and his/her wishes and working together to create a design. This results in a basic design that can be expanded with planting plans.

Plantings plans

Do you have a border in your garden you don't know what to do with? Is the planting not working or is your knowledge of plants limited? Then call in our help! We will draw up a planting plan that suits the soil and the position in the sun.

Gardening advice/consulting

Whether you like to work in the garden or not, a garden requires as much maintenance as you choose. If you don't know where to start or if you have specific questions, please contact us. We are happy to help!

Bos in herfst

Hedge plaiting

Hedge-braiding is an age-old craft practised by farmers to make hedges and wooded banks impenetrable. Impenetrable for game and cattle to prevent them from eating the fields bare. This principle can also be applied to larger gardens. Interested? Get in touch with us!

Forestry and landscape managment

Properly executed landscape management does justice to trees, shrubs, bushes and other plants as well as animals. For us, landscape management focuses on good cooperation between nature and land use. This contributes to biodiversity.

Planting and removal of vegetation

We are also available for planting new plants (trees, shrubs, etc.). Our preference is to buy these from local growers or to use our own (small-scale) seedlings. We also remove (stubborn) species. This without pesticides.

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